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source:Jinhua Xinke Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.    Release date:2018-1-29
Said the two votes, we will think of before reform. Before the reform, medicine, orthopedic high-value consumables products is so high profits, high returns. And countries in order to reduce hospital costs, in order to effectively alleviate the burden of medical expenses, and alleviating the problems' difficulty and high cost of treatment, so the zero price difference healthcare medicines, after implementation of medical consumable products such as pharmaceuticals, 'net purchases, and implement the "two votes" now.

Why countries launched a series of reform?
A, reduce the cost of the hospital, cost saving.
Second, the residents' medical expenses burden, effectively relieve 'difficulty and high cost of treatment.
Three, to reduce the health care reimbursement of expenses.
Why do you say to reduce health care reimbursement fee? Let's have a look at some related insurance reimbursement instructions:
1, use special medical materials, or use the unit price in 1000 yuan of above of disposable medical materials, as well as the installation and replacement of artificial organs, domestic affordable price by the unified planning fund of the basic medical insurance payment by 90%;
2 in outpatient service, chronic renal failure, dialysis, with anti-rejection drugs in the clinic after organ transplantation, malignant tumor chemotherapy, radiation therapy, interventional therapy in the clinic or nuclide therapy of primary medical treatment expenses, by the basic medical insurance as a whole fund pays 90%.
3, the outpatient service special inspection treatment expense of basic medical insurance as a whole fund pays 80%, individual pays 20%;
4, continuous payment and reimbursement ratio, ginseng protect people for 2 years later, the ginseng of reimbursement ratio increased to 71%, ginseng protect four years in a row, reimbursement ratio increased to 72%, and so on.
So countries only lower hospital drugs, medical supplies and other products procurement prices, easing the burden on residents' medical expenses, to reduce health care reimbursement of expenses. Now most of the residents to hospital costs are borne by the national health insurance, so the country's pressure is very big for health care costs.

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