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Integrating the resource of high quality medical beauty power beauty medical institutions
source:Jinhua Xinke Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.    Release date:2018-1-29
Integrating the resource of high quality medical beauty power beauty medical institutions
Lili potter cooperation projects
(a) the medical beauty experts
1, South Korea and more than 1000 domestic medical beauty cosmetic experts, expert resources are rich;
2, to provide medical cosmetology organization experience, medical and cosmetic experts;
3, provides the domestic and foreign advanced medical hairdressing technology upgrades, training services;
4, medical beauty business training, learning both at home and abroad advanced cosmetic experience and ideas;
5, improve the orthopedic hospital expert power, diagnosis and treatment technology and business ability;
6, less the big beauty institutions expert, diagnosis and treatment technology level is low;
(2) of the medical tourists conveying
1, professional medical beauty operation platform, to provide quality services;
2, online marketing and offline channel resources integration;
3, for conveying beauty institutions customers with high quality, accuracy, reduce the cost of customers;
4 to solve customers less beauty institutions and high cost of individual customers, operating pressure and so on.
(3) of the medical department construction
1, the overall planning and infrastructure
2, medical talents
3, medical beauty equipment services
4, medical beauty technology services
5, medical beauty business guidance and training
6, the medical quality management support
7, section office construction fund services
8, the marketing management support
Lili artisan expert team
Gather medical beauty masters to China and South Korea to provide quality medical services
Dean, professor, director of the expert Medical beauty
Into the beautiful goldsmith
Haile artisan on science and technology co., LTD is located in Shanghai pudong lujiazui financial center, focus on the investment and development of medical hairdressing industry, is of high quality medical resources service providers.
Through the system integration of resources that China and South Korea and other countries high quality medical hairdressing, and its capital and other advantages, the company can provide medical cosmetology organization introduction of high qualification aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic dentistry, beauty regions, an expert in conveying passengers, providing services such as medical beauty department construction projects, to boost development of the institutions.
Since it was founded in 2015, the company's business has covered the country 26 provinces and autonomous regions, and cooperation medical beauty doctor experts more than 1000, 238 successively for domestic medical cosmetology organization transmission medical beauty expert, expand the medical beauty customers, organize and provide medical beauty academic exchanges and business education and training services.

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